Chester University Broadway MalyanI have been over here in Singapore for the past six months and it seems as though I am going to be here for at least as long in the future. I have been traveling in the area, a bit in Jakarta and some in Kuala Lumpur. I was in Penang the other day and they are talking about sending me to the Southern part of China in the next couple of months. I am starting to look at schools where I can get a Singapore MBA degree, but without having to be in Singapore every day of the week. I am going to be in Singapore most of the time, but I am not going to ever know much in advance whether I shall be in one city or another. That is the nature of my job in fact. Continue reading

Marine Biology. That’s what I wanted to study when I was a kid after a memorable visit to Seaworld which at the time had seemingly set down the path for the rest of my life. I never would have predicted at that time that I would have found myself twenty years later looking for home insurance for Idaho. Life is kind of funny like that. So often do we experience moments in time which are so powerful that we are convinced that they have forever changed us, altering our decisions and even changing the way we look at the world.

Somehow we manage to forget that these happen with frequency. More than once I’ve had an experience I felt was going to be The One to show me a path that I could embrace with a goal that I could forever strive for. Continue reading

Without the help of I would have never been able to find the apartment that I am thankful to be able to call my own. It’s not easy finding an apartment these days that is able to cater to all your personal needs. When I look for an apartment, it has to meet three basic criteria: Be cheap, be close to campus and allow pets. You would think that finding these three things as simple as they are would be, well, easy. It’s not! Most of the time it’s finding a place which allows pets that is the problem. Continue reading

When I started looking at payroll companies in Irving, TX, I had no idea that I was going to find an answer to nearly every HR issue I was having. I was not happy with the HR team, and I felt that they were simply not qualified to handle all of the duties that I wanted them to do. That is why I started researching different options. My main concern was finding a company where I could outsource our payroll, because there had been too many mistakes made on the last dozen payrolls. While some were perfect, most had at least one or several errors.

I remember when I was a young worker depending on a reliable paycheck, and I did not want to cause any of my employees to become frustrated. Continue reading

A Quick Guide to Writing a Travel Blog

Travel writing is one way of earning money nowadays but it takes a person to be serious so that he will get what he truly desires. There are a lot of subjects which you can write about like people in the places you visit, sight-seeing points, travel destinations, scenic beauties, adventure points, and tips on how to get good accommodations in hotels, guest house, clubs, and many more. When travelling, you get a lot of experience because you encounter new places which you can write about and earn later on.

People who are fond of writing love to go to different places and feel their respective ambiances. Nevertheless, if your money is limited to visit various places, you can get solid information from the internet and write good articles about them. You can produce great articles in spite of not visiting new places as long as the information is authentic and fresh. Just find the right opportunity and use it to your advantage.

The primary step in attaining your goal is to master the art of writing. When you have it already, find a free platform where you can execute your writing prowess. When you find that all things you do is almost perfect, you should pay domain and host and create your own theme. Find some great accessories that will make your blog customized.

When you write travel articles on your blog, you should make them very interesting to your readers. What make them interesting are the pictures and videos that you include in the blog. If you are writing for the tourists, you need to provide detailed descriptions about your travel. Enhance your readership so that you will never miss any single reader. One way is by telling what is the best spot, food, and historical preference. You can be popular as well as your blog and all the things that you share will also become interesting to the readers.

You will never encounter strange comments when you are consistent in uploading eye-catching images and videos and load interesting articles. You can also get millions of cash if you know how to manage traffic. Provide your niche with new but interesting articles from time to time and you will see that more and more people will search for them.

The provision of advertisement links on your site will also enhance your way of earning. Every time a visitor makes clicks, you earn money for good. Getting more readers to visit your sites will increase the number of clicks that you get which in turn becomes money. You can get money indirectly through the clicks and it becomes passive income. You can even earn overnight without doing anything. Love your craft by enhancing your writing prowess so that you will earn money endlessly.

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How Cameras Help In The Security Of School Buses There are now a frightening increase in the number of violence that have transpired in school buses, and because of this, there are so many parents that have grown alarm to such violence. The duty of school officials is to be accountable to the parents to which they entrust their kids at; this is a very challenging and demanding task, but it can be done with the help of school bus camera so that the kids are monitored effectively. Checking the security of the school children is the prime responsibility of school officials, and as such it is important that school buses must make sure that the kids inside the bus are monitored with the camera system that are installed in it. The school buses can rely on a camera system inside the bus, to frighten anyone who is planning to do some terror threats; and the cameras can somehow help in thwarting away gang violence from happening inside the bus. The availability of school bus camera that are multi channel DVR is essential so that the things that are happening in the inside and outside of the bus can be recorded. Buses now are equipped with cameras that are capable of so many things such as real time information of bus’ speed, braking, signaling as well as get the audio recording and the GPS of the bus. There are actually some buses that are equipped with advance security camera system, such that recordings start automatically in cases where there are incidents that will trigger the camera’s impact sensors, plus the video recording will also be stamped with the date and time. To make the security even more comprehensive in a way, the buses are also equipped with a panic button which the driver can just easily press. A comprehensive recording of untoward events that may happen inside the bus is necessary, thus one to four cameras are needed to record such things.
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The cameras should not be hidden so that the people inside the bus will know that they are being recorded, and that they will be aware that there is no intrusion to their privacy. There are so many good things that can arise from the presence of a camera inside the bus, bullies will have to think twice about bullying because they will surely be managed when they are caught in the camera; thus, the camera becomes a preventive measure for any bad things that are being planned. The cameras are not only helpful to the welfare of the children that are inside the bus, but the driver can also benefit with the presence of the camera because he or she can rely on it if ever there are legal actions that may be thrown to him or her.
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Only benefits will be experienced by the school that has school bus camera. When the cameras are used the right way, it can surely promote student safety, student discipline and deter vandalism.

Getting The Right Motor Oil For Your Vehicle Before, our engines for vehicles were much larger than what they are today but now they are smaller and much lighter and aside from that they are able to produce a lot more horsepower than what they used to. The technology that we have today is so much different than before because the increase of horsepower is due to the creation of the super charging and turbo charging of the motors which is now what motors would be having. One thing that you should know about your motor oils is that they would give off harmful substance when burned and this is not ok for the emission controls that we have today which means that you will have to find an oil that would have a better emission that cannot be so much harmful in busy streets. Motor oils would need to have the survivability of the different conditions that you would be in especially in a busy hot traffic but also maintain their function on what they have to be for your vehicle. What you need to know about finding the right kind of motor oil is that they are not really that difficult to find because there are so many companies that are able to work on creating new motor oils however, people would have to trust Lucas oils because they are able to provide the best motor oils that you could ever find. A motor oil would need to be viscous and this should be a constant thing for your motor. Constant viscosity means that they are able to maintain their viscosity even though there will be a shift in the temperature that they are in. One thing that you should know about motor oils is that they are not able to last as long as you live and you will have to change them somehow but until then they should be able to keep their viscosity before the date they should be changed. Motor oils tend to solidify or become a gel like substance whenever they are exposed to cold temperatures and this is not the kind of motor oil that you should be using for your vehicle. Whenever you could find your motor oil becomes like this then you have chosen the wrong one and that is because they would have a low quality motor oil and they are poorly made. It is really easy on how you could get the right kind of motor oil you would need for your vehicle because there are different ways to do it, however you will have to make sure that you can find the right one because there are so many that you can choose from. Today, people are starting to utilize the internet even more because they are now able to find these motor oils being sold online and this is one way that people could really find the right kind of motor oil they need.

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